Uniek seminar JKD – Systema – Yoga – Winterzemmen

Van vrijdag 19 februari tot en met zondag 21 februari is er een uniek trainingsweekend Earnewald, Friesland. Op een prachtige locatie ga je onder leiding van Johan van der Heide en Michael van der Woude bezig met je body, mind en spirit.

In alle krijgskunsten worden deze linken gelegd, maar nu worden ze samen gebracht in dit seminar. En dat gebeurt zelden.

De kosten voor de gehele weekend (inclusief overnachting en eten) zijn eur 120,00. (bij aanmelding voor 15 januari 2016 eur 95,00)

Doe mee en geef je op via



Nieuwe serie Vechtershart

Vechtershart is een achtdelige rauwe en spannende dramaserie die zich afspeelt in de bloedfanatieke en hechte wereld van de vechtsport.

waldemar-vechterhartWaldemar Torenstra vertolkt de rol van Nick Roest, een voormalig K1-kampioen, die na vier jaar gevangenisstraf vrijkomt. Nick is in de bak beland door een geweldsdelict, waarbij ook zijn jongere broer, de advocaat David Roest (Benja Bruijning), betrokken was. Berooid probeert Nick zijn leven weer op te pakken. Hij is vastbesloten zich in de sportschool van zijn vader terug te knokken naar de top van de vechtsport. Naast Waldemar en Benja hebben ondermeer Imanuelle Grives, Werner Kolf en Johan Leysen grote rollen in de serie.

Vanavond 22 november om 20:30 is de eerste aflevering van deze spannende serie.


Ultimate kickboxing

Ultimate kickboxing

17 okt wordt er door Markos Produkties in de Maxx Hoogeveen naar 2 jaar weer een groot kickboksgala gehouden.
Met 2 A partijen en maar liefs 5 B partijen op het programma
Matchmaking 17 Oktober 2015 The Maxx
Tickets zijn te koop bij de deelnemende sport scholen. en online bij;

update!!Matchmaking 17 Oktober 2015 The Maxx







N 78Kg Joshua van Erkelens Muay Chi – Optimus Holten VS Cengiz Pinar Team JKE

N 75Kg Danny van der Veen Kickboxing Steenwijk VS Julian Feytes Team Jamal

N 73Kg Simon Kara K1 Aerts Dojo VS Imad Saidi FPA

N 86Kg Edwin Musche Team Bastov VS Laimur Abazi FF Coevorden

N -95Kg Tom van der Kooij Aihato Gym VS Kjeld Jansen Komen

N 78Kg Hylke Tromp Aihato Gym VS Ismael Unlu FPA

N 66Kg Joni Stripper MT Bovensmilde VS Lindsay Zuurhof Mejiro Gym Drenthe

N 83Kg Zaki Bouaouiouach Pure Power VS Josh Lukas MT Hoogeveen

N 70Kg Donald Haek Team Gol VS Nasser Badouri FPA

N 70Kg Lesley Sapulette K1 Aerts Dojo VS Elroy de Gooijer Team JKE

N 93Kg Geert Span Team Francisco VS Ivar Kok Kyoku Gym

C 74Kg Redouan Settout Team Lin Ho VS Elmondir Nafi Team Bastov

C 80Kg Klaas Lelie Lamoth training&coaching VS Remco Fokke Gideons Gym

C 84Kg Daniel Sidabuter Team Lin Ho VS James Asamoah Mejiro Gym Amsterdam

C 67Kg Salmeneo Aringaneng Aihato VS Jelke Wagenaar Kyoku Gym

B 68Kg Sherkhan Momand Kickboxing Steenwijk VS Sonny Van Soest Loeks Gym

B 64Kg Nadirah de Ling Team LingHo VS Shanice Josefina Mejiro Gym Amsterdam

B 63,5Kg Marouane El Hani K1 Aerts Dojo VS Petres Gym

B 95+ Roël Mannaart Mejiro Gym Amsterdam VS Levi Rigters Team Jamal

B 72,5Kg Hasan Likoglu K1 Aerts Dojo VS Anwar Kasters Petres Gym

A 63Kg Pascal Koster FFC VS Ervin Wongsodimedjo Slimani Gym Zeist

A 95+ Koos Wessels Pure Power VS Reamon Welboren Mejiro Gym Amsterdam


NL Sambo kampioenschappen

28 November2015 van 8:00 – 17:00

Elk jaar worden in Sporthal de Carrousel de Open Ommer Kampioenschappen gehouden. Hierbij komt op de eerste zaterdag van november het judo aan bod. Drie weken later is het de beurt aan de disciplines Karate en Sambo.

Bij dit toernooi komen sporters uit het hele land, maar ook uit het buitenland naar Ommen om te strijden om de hoogste eer. Bij de judo wordt er zo veel mogelijk rekening gehouden met het niveau van de judoka’s. Beginners (witte en gele band) worden gescheiden van de meer gevorderde (vanaf oranje band) judoka’s. Bij karate wordt alleen rekening gehouden met leeftijd, maar door het vriendschappelijk karakter is het ook een prima toernooi voor beginnende wedstrijd karateka’s.

Sambo kampioenschappen

Het sambo staat in het teken van leren. Omdat sambo (nog) vrij onbekend is in Nederland kunnen deelnemers uit andere aanverwante sporten prima deelnemen om kennis te maken met het sambo.

Vladislav Koulikov

Self Defense vs Combat Sports

What Is More Effective in the REAL World

Written by Sambo Master Vladislav Koulikov, who has been training in the Russian martial art of Sambo from a very young age in Moscow. Since moving to the USA, he has trained and competed in submission grappling & wrestling. Vladislav has developed a unique Sambo- Jiu-Jitsu fusion system.

Self Defense vs Combat Sports: My Experience in the REAL World

Do you remember why you began your journey in martial arts? I do… I remember my dad being an athlete and me wanting to be just like him… Pretty normal for an impressionable boy of that age. My cousin introduced me to Sambo and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I fell in love immediately and figured training would bring me to my dad’s status. I didn’t consider self defense when I started. All of my school fights prior to training were wrestling based, it was all about clinching, head locking and pinning whoever I fought (punching in the face was still an unspoken taboo at the age of 8) so Sambo Wrestling was a natural progression.

All sorts of grappling disciplines were very popular and super competitive, so tournament performance was something that our coach made us concentrate on, self defense wasn’t the focus. It was all about what works on the mat against a particular opponent in a competition setting. Very specific training. Not that what we learned didn’t hold combative value, because it did, it just wasn’t our primary focus.
A few years later, when fights became more frequent and violent I thought ” This Sambo thing is pretty damn helpful, what else can I use in case I have to defend myself?”. That’s how my romance with traditional martial arts came about. I was mesmerized by the perceived magic, might and mysticism of Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. Like many kids my age, I was front row for the surge in popularity of the martial arts flicks movement. I was thinking then ” Oh, Sambo is just dumb wrestling. We don’t have cool spin kicks and knife hand chops”… I lost site of what was true and genuine value and fell for what was Hollywood glamour.
I was quickly reminded in a very rough way when two friends and I were jumped by five hoods when we were coming back from karate practice one day. The fight wasn’t even. A few moments later and without exaggeration, there were ten or more of them. My friends and I walk through the wrong neighborhood which happened to be their “territory”. Needless to say we got beat up pretty badly. There was no reason of value for the fight either. No money was stolen, no goods were taken, this was just a case of aggressive thugs randomly choosing who would be the target of their dirty deeds for the day.

After spending what seemed like endless hours of grueling, repetitive practice perfecting katas and point sparring, I was reminded in a mere instant what I had been practicing so diligently at Karate wasn’t a good preparation for the reality of a street fight. My “karate” sucked because that’s how I practiced it. But the few times I went to my Sambo base and threw people around, foot sweeping them instinctually, that’s when fools went flying. I wasn’t a mean kid, I was more of athlete then a fighter at that point, so I wasn’t going to soccer kick them when they were down. I figured I’d let them get up more pissed then before, and the
beating could continue. That was the longest and the most violent street fight in my life. I was actually concerned that I wouldn’t make it out alive as it was happening.
The aftermath had me thinking hard and re-evaluating my training. I realized whatever I practiced in Sambo was designed to deal with an actual opponent who wants to fight and my karate was just shaking of the air. There was no concept of timing, footwork, distance, reaction in live time, contact etc. I still loved cool cool kicks though, which lead me to kick boxing which has all the elements of Asian martial arts plus REALISTIC fighting (full contact, resistance, live sparring).


Fast forward a few years later and I found myself in the United States. For the lack of grappling gyms around at the time I started Taekwondo (just to do something) and I joined a traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu dojo. At first I loved training at the latter one. It reminded me of Sambo training with throws and everything. But unfortunately I was quickly reminded that it was the same old bull shit. Though they practiced all the throws and take downs that I knew and loved, there was always a degree of irrelevance to the reality of fighting. As soon as it was time for randori, I smoked everyone in the dojo including all of the black belts and the Sensei who was a fifth Dan or something like that ( I apologize if I come across as I’m bragging. I am not. It’s just an unfortunate reality that many others, and I have encountered with Traditional Martial Arts). More over, the same thing applied to all of their gun disarms, defense against knife attacks etc. It looked great against willing training partners who screamed “Hai” as they took beautiful break falls. Plastic guns and rubber knives is not fair preparation for that kinda encounter. People didn’t realize the magnitude of cold steel pressed against your chest or a REAL knife against your throat. Scenario based training is a poor tool for those “scenarios”.
Generally speaking, preparing regular civilians to defend themselves against an armed attack is an ungrateful business. Unless, they’re in some kinda special forces, police etc and deal with REAL violence on a daily basis due to their profession, it’s time wasted. And who wants to waste time?

Usefull combat sports

Regular people are much better off training in a combat sport: Sambo, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, Boxing or kickboxing. That would prepare them for self defense better then any kata could. Long story short, skills acquired through training in combat sports will ALWAYS translate into self defense and not so much the other way around…. Now go train!

next level body

Take your body to the next level

In new times old rules don’t always seem to apply. That applies to most things in live and certainly to fitness and body conditioning.

New trends in the world of fitness are crossfit, tacfit and paleo. Next to that also nutrition becomes an important aspect in our training regimin. Lately I keep hearing that gaining muscles or losing weight is 10% gym and 90% food. Getting a good balance in nutrition and training, using the right excersises, doing interval training or not, doing more or less cardio to build muscles and much more is very confusing. Here are some awesome books with the basics to help you with the first steps to get you to the next level.







My consiousness requires me to tell you, books don’t have all the answer. You must do and experiment to get progress…