Ultimate Sparring - Maberry J. - Book
  • Ultimate Sparring - Maberry J. - Book

Ultimate Sparring - Maberry J. - Book

Ultimate Sparring is the most comprehensive book ever written on sparring and dueling methods around the world. It contains the rules and methods of sparri
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Ultimate Sparring is the most comprehensive book ever written on sparring and dueling methods around the world. It contains the rules and methods of sparring for cross-training, competition, and self-defense in dozens of Eastern and Western martial arts. The book features hundreds of competitive sparring methods, from European Fencing to Japanese Kendo Golden Gloves Boxing to Muay Thai Kickboxing Capoeira Kick-Dancing to Krabi Krabong Sword Dancing Greco-Roman Wrestling to Sumo Wrestling Shuai Chiao to Chi Sao and more. It also features dozens of methods of sparring for the development of skills, or for keeping training interesting and fun, such as: Blindfold Sparring, Hands-Only Sparring, Mixed Style Sparring, Groundfighting, Knife Sparring, and Sensory Awareness Sparring. Jonathan Maberry Shihan is a 7th degree black belt in Shinowara-Ryu Jujutsu and a 5th degree black belt in Yu Sool Hapkido. Shihan Maberry has previously authored three books and more than five hundred magazine articles. He is a former Contributing Editor for Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu and Official Karate, and taught Martial Arts History at Temple University for 14 years. About The Author • How To Define Sparring • Introduction PART ONE: SPARRING PRINCIPLES 1. SAFETY FIRST 2. THE BENEFITS OF SPARRING 3. PREPARING THE MIND AND BODY FOR SPARRING (Pre-Training Physical Exam • Basic Fitness • Five SafetyTips For Everyone • The Major Muscle Groups • Fitness Rules Of Thumb • Drills • Meditation And Sparring) 4. SETTING THE RULES 5. SPARRING CATEGORIES (Major Sparring Categories • Sparring Style Categories • Sparring Method Categories 6. PRINCIPLES OF SAFE SPARRING 7. SPARRING THEORY (Offense • Defense • Movement • Mental Aspects Of Sparring 8. TYPES OF FIGHTERS (Slugger • Blitzer • Counterfighter • Roadrunner • Sharpshooter • Change-Up Fighter PART TWO: ORGANIZED COMPETITION SPARRING 9. SPARRING METHODS OF THE PERCUSSION ARTS (Boxing • Bareknuckle Boxing • Amateur Boxing • Professional Boxing • Capoeira • Karate • Point Fighting • Kung Fu • Shaolin Freestyle • Shaolin Tiger-Crane Sparring • Pa-Kua Sparring • SanShouKickboxing • Kuoshu Sparring • Tai Chi • Wing Chun Chi-Sao • MuayThaiKickboxing • Pentjak Silat • Savate Sparring Methods • Taekwondo Sparring Methods) 10. GRAPPLING SPARRING METHODS (Aikido • Judo • Randori • Jiyu Randori • Walk and Talk • Counter Throw Randori • Jujutsu • Shual Chiao • Amateur Wrestling Greco-Roman Wrestling • American Collegiate Wrestling • Freestyle Wrestling • Professional Wrestling • Arm Wrestling 10.9 Sumo Wrestling • Celtic/Scottish/Irish/English Wrestling • Glima • Breton Wrestling [Gouren] • Schwingen Wrestling • Mongolian Wrestling • Turkish Oil Wrestling • Locked Baton Wrestling • Sombo) 11. EXTREME SPARRING METHODS (Brazilian jiu-jitsu • Extreme Fighting • King of the Cage • Shoot Fighting • Catch Wrestling • Submission Wrestling • Pankration • Varmannie Combat Sparring 12. KICKFIGHTING SPARRING (Chi Gerk [Sticky Legs] • Kickfighting [No Hands] • LegWrestling • Groundfighting • Hapkido Kick Defense Sparring • Varmannie Fighting Dragons PART THREE DEVELOPMENTAL SPARRING 13. SKILL DEVELOPMENT SPARRING METHODS (Stick and Move • Blitz and Disengage • Counterfighting • Limited Contact • Freestyle Sparring • Blindfold Touch Sparring • Varmannie Ghost Sparring • Tethered Sparring • Water Sparring • Streetciothes Sparring • Tag-Team Sparring) 14. SKILL ISOLATION AND ENHANCEMENT SPARRING METHODS (Limited Weapon Sparring • Up and Down Sparring • Locked Hand Sparring • Locked Arm Sparring • Evasion Sparring • One Leg Sparring (Fighting Cranes) • Fixed Stance (Locked Stance) Sparring) 15. CROSS-TRAINING SPARRING METHODS (Mixed Style Sparring • Hard vs. Soft • Percussion vs Grappling • Boxing vs Martial Arts • Zoomorphic Sparring) 16. UNEVEN SKILL LEVEL SPARRING METHODS (Different Rank Sparring • Skill Adjustment Sparring) PART FOUR WEAPONS SPARRING 17. TRADITIONAL WEAPONS SPARRING (Stick Fighting • Sword Fighting • Miscellaneous Weapons Sparring) 18. DRILL-BASED WEAPONS SPARRING (Knife Sparring • Standard Weapon Sparring • Advanced Weapon Sparring • Jiyu Kumite • Mixed Weapon Sparring) PART FIVE SPARRING FOR SELF-DEFENSE 19. SELF-DEFENSE SPARRING METHODS (Role Playing • Self-Defense Limited Step Sparring • Rape Defense Sparring) 20. MULTIPLE OPPONENT SPARRING METHODS (Modes Of Attack • Multiple Attacker Sparring Techniques) 21. SITUATIONAL SPARRING METHODS (Limited Space • Available Resource Sparring • Worst Case Scenario 22. CONDITIONS SPARRING (Uneven-surface Sparring • Stairwell Sparring • Outdoor Sparring • Beach Sparring • Sparring On Grass • Sparring In The Woods) PART SIX: NON-CONTACT SPARRING 23. FORM SPARRING METHODS (Kata Sparring • Shadowboxing) 24. MOCK COMBAT SPARRING METHODS (Jousting • Stage Fighting • Movie amp TV Fight Choreography) APPENDICES (Dictionary of Sparring Terms • Guide To First Aid • Basic Anatomy • Bibliography • Websites: Contributors To This Book)
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