Superfit - Gracie R. - Strom J. - Book
  • Superfit - Gracie R. - Strom J. - Book

Superfit - Gracie R. - Strom J. - Book

Royce Gracie. How does this 175-pound man defeat champion martial artists weighing 200, 300, and even 400 pounds? Technique is part of it, but technique is
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Royce Gracie. How does this 175-pound man defeat champion martial artists weighing 200, 300, and even 400 pounds? Technique is part of it, but technique is nothing if the body can't deliver. Royce's body delivers, because of his fanatical devotion to fitness. Now Royce has teamed up with fitness coach James Strom to create the most perfectly customized program for martial artists ever designed. Strom, a man famous for guiding superstar athletes to breakthrough performances, has worked with Royce to develop a unique program of strength training, cardiovascular routines, flexibility exercises, and nutrition. Superfit brings this program to martial artists of all types for the first time, allowing them to raise their games to a level never imagined. In addition to full workout plans for beginner, intermediate, and black belt practitioners. Whether you are a beginning martial artist wanting to sharpen your body and mind, a black-belt instructor looking for new ways to improve and motivate your students, or an athlete interested in building a body of lethal effectiveness, Superfit is your ticket to unstoppable success. Royce Gracie shocked the world when he entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993 as an unknown and defeated much larger opponents in record time. He went on to win two more UFCs and other world-class events. He trains top-level martial artists, teaches international seminars, and continues to fight professionally. James Strom is an elite fitness trainer who has guided such athletes as Keyshawn Johnson, Andre Ryson, and the USC Trojans to the top of their sports. INTRODUCTION: Meet the Authors • 2 How to Use This Book • 3 PART ONE: WARMING UP AND STRETCHING: Warming Up • Stretching • Gracie Stretch Routine • One-Person Stretch Routine • Two-Person Stretch Routine ART TWO: THE EXERCISES Breathing During the Exercises • Different Exercises and Their Purposes ABDOMINALS (Bench Crunches • Medicine Ball Stand-Ups • Roll-Ups-Abdominal • Wheels • Side-to-Side Reaches • V-Ups) CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING (Jump Rope • Lateral Cone Touches • Run in Place • Run and Hold • Soft Sand Run • Steady Run or Jog • Sprints) FREE WEIGHTS (Bench Press-Barbell • Bench Press-Dumbbell • Bench Press-Narrow Grip Barbell • Front Raise-Barbell • Front Raise-Dumbbell • Front Raise-Plate • Hang Clean-Barbell • Hang Clean-Dumbbell • High Pull-Dumbbell • Hang Snatch-Dumbbell • Incline Press-Barbell • Incline Press-Dumbbell • Incline Press-Narrow Grip Barbell • Knee-Ups-Medicine Ball • Lateral Raise-Dumbbell • Lateral Raise-Dumbbell Seated • Lunges-Barbell • Lunges-Dumbbell • Military Press-Barbell • Military Press-Dumbbell • Military Press-Narrow Grip Barbell • Pullovers-Barbell • Pullovers-Dumbbell • Pullovers-Towel • Push Press-Barbell • Push Press-Dumbbell • Roll-Ups-Wrist • Row-Dumbbell • Shoulder Shrugs-Barbell • Shoulder Shrugs-Dumbbell • Squats-Barbell • Squats-Dumbbell • Good Mornings • Reverse Hypers • Straight-Leg Dead Lifts-Barbell • Straight-Leg Dead Lifts-Dumbbell • Towel Grabs • Towel Pull-Ups • Upright Row-Barbell • Upright Row-Dumbbell • Upright Row-Plate • Upright Row-Towel • Rice Grabs) ISOLATERALS (Bench Press-Isolateral • Front Raise-Isolateral • Incline Press-Isolateral • Lateral Raise-Isolateral • Military Press-Isolateral • Push Press-Isolateral • Upright Row-Isolateral • Machine Cross • Machine Uppercut) PLYOMETRICS (Box Jumps • Box Jumps-One Leg • Lateral Jumps • Lateral Jumps-Long Way • Lateral Jumps-Short Way • Medicine Ball Ground Work-One Hand • Medicine Ball Ground Work-Two Hands • Medicine Ball Toss-Flat Bench • Medicine Ball Walk/Hold/Balance • Push-Ups-Plyometric • Step-Ups--Body Weight) POWER SERIES (Cones Workout • Knee-Ups • Lateral Hops • Lateral Shuffle-Double Plate • Lateral Steps • Lateral Strides • Medicine Ball Toss-Chest • Medicine Ball Toss-Overhead • Power Lunges • Power-Stride Jumps • Shoots • Shuffle-Single Plate • Ski Jumps • Static Wall Sit • Squats-Medicine Ball or Plate • Step-Ups-Barbell • Step-Ups-Dumbbell) PART THREE: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Focus • Fight Preparation • 156 Mental Preparation • 159 The Workouts (Beginner Workout • Intermediate Workout • Advanced Workout) PART FOUR: ROYCE'S FAMILY DIET Food Groups • Rules • No-Nos • Training at Home • Training on the Road
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