Tooth From The Tiger's Mouth - Bisio - Book
  • Tooth From The Tiger's Mouth - Bisio - Book

Tooth From The Tiger's Mouth - Bisio - Book

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Renowned expert in Chinese sports medicine and martial arts, Tom Bisio, reveals ancient Eastern secrets for healing common injuries, including sprains, bru
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Renowned expert in Chinese sports medicine and martial arts, Tom Bisio, reveals ancient Eastern secrets for healing common injuries, including sprains, bruises, deep cuts, and much more! For centuries, Chinese martial arts masters have kept their highly prized remedies as carefully guarded secrets, calling such precious and powerful knowledge ''a tooth from the tiger's mouth.'' Now, for the first time, these deeply effective methods are revealed to Westerners who want alternative ways to treat the acute and chronic injuries experienced by any active person. While many books outline the popular teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, only this one offers step by step instructions for treating injuries. Bisio explains the complete range of healing strategies and provides a Chinese first aidkit to help the reader fully recover from every mishap: cuts, sprains, breaks, dislocations, bruises, muscle tears, tendonitis, and much more. He teaches readers how to examine and diagnose injuries, prepare and apply herbal formulas, assemble a portable kit for emergencies and how to fully recuperate with strengthening exercises and healing dietary advice. Comprehensive and easy to follow, with drawings to illustrate both the treatment strategies and the strengthening exercises, this unique guidebook will give readers complete access to the powerful healing secrets of the great Chinese warriors.

Tom Bisio

Tom Bisio is a world renowned martial artist and a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine. He heads a clinic in New York City where his unique background in Western and Eastern approaches to healing has helped him create. and implement effective rehabilitation programs. PART 1 : PRINCIPLES OF CHINESE SPORTS MEDICINE 1. A TOOTH FROM THE TIGER'S MOUTH: MARTIAL ORIGINS, MODERN ALTERNATIVE How to Use This Book 2. SPORTS INJURIES EAST AND WEST Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine • Anatomy of an Injury East and West • To Heal or Not to Heal • Healthy Organs/Healthy Tissues • Recovery Times 3. SPRAINS, STRAINS, AND PAIN: THE THREE STAGES OF HEALING SINEW INJURIES Acute • Post Acute • Chronic 4. DOWN TO THE BONE: FRACTURES AND HOW THEY HEAL Fracture Healing • Treatment PART II: INJURY PREVENTION: EXERCISE, DIET, AND HEALTH PRESERVATION 5. STRETCHING AND FLEXIBILITY The Problem with Stretching • Mind and Movement • Breathing and Flexibility • The Daily Dozen 6. STRENGTH TRAINING Too Many Muscles • Tendon Strength vs. Bulging Muscles • Muscles Don't Work Alone • Resistance Training Can Cause Injury • What Is Strength? • The Eight Brocade Plus 7. DIET AND HEALTH MAINTENANCE Diet • Lifestyle and Health Maintenance PART III: THE THERAPIES OF CHINESE SPORTS MEDICINE 8. CUTS AND LACERATIONS (Yunnan Paiyao • Avoiding Stitches • Preventing Scarring • Nosebleeds) 9. CUPPING AND BLEEDING Bleeding • Cupping • Cupping Indications and Contraindications • Cleaning Your Cups • Disposing of lancets 10. LINIMENTS Trauma liniment • Tendon Lotion • U I Oil • Chinese Massage Oil • Black Ghost Oil • Summary 11. POULTICES AND PLASTERS Poultices • Plasters • Summary 12. HERBAL SOAKS How to Make and Use Herbal Soaks • Tendon Relaxing Soak • Warming Soak • Summary 13: SPORTS MEDICINE ACUPOINTS How to Stimulate Acupoints • The Limb Energizers • The Limb Gate Points • Shoulder Injury Point • Ankle Injury Point • Master Points • Special Hand Acupoints for Pain Relief • Influential Point of the Tendons and ligaments • Respiration Points • Groin Injury Points • Nausea Point • Ear Acupressure • Stimulating Ear Points 14. MASSAGE FOR SPORTS INJURIES Massage Techniques • Bruises • Tight and Sore Muscles • Sprains and Strains • Fractures and Suspected Fractures 15: INTERNAL HERBAL FORMULAS Herbal Formulas for Acute Injury • Fractures • Bone Spurs 16. MOXIBUSTION Using Moxa Poles • Common Uses of Moxibustion PART IV: TREATMENTS FOR COMMON SPORTS INJURIES AND MISCELLANEOUS INJURIES TREATMENTS Achilles' Tendonitis • Ankle Sprain • Arthritis • Back Sprain/Strain Lower • Back Sprain/Strain Upper • Back Herniated Disc • Burns • Concussion • Contusions/Bruises • Cuts, Lacerations, and Punctures • Dislocations • Elbow Tennis and Golfer's • Eye Contusion (Black Eye) • Finger Jammed/Sprained • Foot Pain Plantar Foscilis • Fractures • Groin Muscle Pulled/Strained • Hamstring Pulled/Torn • Heel Spur • Hip Pain • Knee Pain Under the Kneecap (Chondromalacia and Runner's Knee) • Knee Torn Ligament (Torn ACL or Medial Collateral Ligament) • Knee Torn Meniscus • Muscle Cramps/Spasms • Neck Strain/Sprain • Nosebleed • Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica • Poisonous Bites • Shoulder Bursitis • Shoulder Frozen Shoulder • Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear • Wrist Sprain/Strain • Wrist Carpol Tunnel Syndrome APPENDIXES Chinese Sports Medicine First Aid Kit • Where to Buy Chinese Herbs and Equipment
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