From Russia With Tough Love - Tsatsouline P. - Book
  • From Russia With Tough Love - Tsatsouline P. - Book

From Russia With Tough Love - Tsatsouline P. - Book

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In Russia, kettlebells have long been revered as the fitness-tool of choice for Olympic athletes, elite special forces and martial artists. The kettlebell'
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In Russia, kettlebells have long been revered as the fitness-tool of choice for Olympic athletes, elite special forces and martial artists. The kettlebell's ballistic movement challenges the body to achieve an unparalleled level of physical conditioning and overall strength. But until now, the astonishing benefits of the Russian kettlebell have been unavailable to all but a few women. Kettlebells have mostly been the sacred preserve of the male professional athlete, the military and other hardcore types. That's about to change, as Russian fitness expert and best selling author PAVEL, delivers the first-ever kettlebell program for women. It's wild, but women really CAN have it all when they access the magical power of Russian kettlebells. Pavel's uncompromising workouts give across-the-board, simultaneous, spectacular and immediate results for all aspects of physical fitness: strength, speed, endurance, fat-burning, you name it. Kettlebells deliver any and everything a woman could want -if she wants to be in the best-shape-ever of her life. And one handy, super-simple tool-finally available in woman-friendly sizes-does it all. No bulky, expensive machines. No complicated gizmos. No time-devouring trips to the gym. Into sports? Jump higher. Leap further. Kick faster. Hit harder. Throw harder. Run with newfound speed. Swim with greater power. Endure longer. Wow! Working hard? Handle stress with ridiculous ease. Blaze thru tasks in half the time. Radiate confidence. Knock 'em dead with your energy and enthusiasm. Can't keep up with your kids? Not any more! They won't know what hit them. Just wanna have fun? Feel super-relaxed from the endorphin-rush of your life, dance all night and feel finer-than-fine the next morning…and the next…and the next. Got attitude? Huh! Then try Pavel's patented Russian Kettlebell workouts. Now, THAT'S attitude! Just some of what From Russia with Tough Love reveals: * How the Snatch eliminates cellulite, firms your butt, and gives you the cardio-ride of a lifetime * How to get as strong as you want, without bulking up * How the Swing melts your fat and blasts your hips 'n thighs * The real secret to great muscle tone * How to supercharge your heart and lungs without aerobics * How to shrink your waist with the Power Breathing Crunch * How the Deck Squat makes you super flexible * An incredible exercise to tone your arms and shoulders * The cardio and fat-burning powers of the Clean-and Press * The Overhead Squat for explosive leg strength * How to think yourself stronger-yes, really! * The queen of situps-for those who can hack it * Cool combination exercises that deliver an unbelievable muscular and cardiovascular workout in zero time * An unreal drill for a powerful and flexible waist, back, and hips * How to perform multiple mini-sessions for fast-lane fitness THE WHYS • Moscow trusts no tears A respectful appeal to your intelligence…the Russian kettlebell workout: science, common sense, and a track record. • What is a kettlebell? A cannonball with a handle…aka kettlebell…aka girya. Changing stubborn flabbiness into graceful strength. • What makes the kettlebell special? What is it going to do for me? At last: No compromise total fitness!…how the Russian kettlebell lets you have it all: strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. • All-around fitness with kettlebells How Soviet science discovered kettlebell lifting to be one of the best tools for all-around physical development…the greater challenge of K-bells…suitable for men and women, young and old …outstanding grip developers…promoting shoulder and hip flexibility…a highly effective tool for strengthening the connective tissues, especially in the back…how kettlebells set your fat on fire like no other form of, indestructible and easy to store…how only K-bells deliver strength, explosiveness, flexibility, endurance, and fat loss in one tight package. • What makes the kettlebell workout unique? Strengthening and utilizing the deeper, harder-to-work, stabilizing and supporting muscles.…more range of motion, realistic ballistic movement... gaining greater daily functional strength…the importance of strong stabilizers…why weekend warriors get hurt…better burning of bodyfat, better muscle definition…stronger tendons and ligaments. • How different is From Russia with Tough Love from your kettlebell program for men? The greater variety of leg drills... streamlined arms and chest menus…and cool new moves. • Do I need to warm up and stretch before my kettlebell workout? Why static stretching before exercise is a bad idea… why a warmup is a waste of time …the power of common sense. • Do not be a slave to numbers! Avoid the road to injury, no gains, and frustration…why you can't improve in every workout and how to plan for uneven gains…why bouncing and cheating sets you up to lose…choose form and substance over numbers. • Training to failure - or to success? Why training to muscle failure is not only unnecessary but counterproductive…how to train for success. • Consistency over intensity The vital process of synaptic facilitation…how to get more juice of your muscles…succeeding with daily submaximal training…the powerful Russian concept of continuity of the training process….why more often translates to extra strength and greater definition…the speed lane to fat loss…how to get rid of unwanted soreness. • Delayed adaptation: taking it easy for greater gains The giraffe syndrome… the delayed training effect…the power of the adaptation lag… intelligent short-term overtraining… Leonid Ostapenko's no-brainer cycling procedure. • How to get very strong without bulking up The mind-muscle link as key to strength…the structural approach to strength training vs. the functional approach… revving up recruitment and firing rate to build strength without adding muscle…acquiring the skill to generate more tension…conscious practice vs. the mindless workout… the skill of staying tight for greater safety and performance. • What is muscle tone, and how do I get it? The real secret to great muscle tone. • Is it bad to hold your breath? The scientific pros and cons of breath-holding when exerting yourself. • Lifting the weight vs. feeling the muscle vs. feeling the muscleS External and internal resistance training…the impracticality of isolation exercises…the importance of integration…using full-body tension for your primary muscles…how to make heavy metal your best friend. • Protect your back with a virtual belt How to master the secret of intra-abdominal pressure for greater and safer lifting power…the miraculous effects of Virtual Power Breathing. • Get younger and healthier with kettlebells Success stories: curing a host of maladies with KB's…rehabilitating hopeless back injuries…from wheelchair to national ranking…for better joint health…the key to a powerful kettlebell swing. • KIAI! your way to super strength The power of mental focus…special breathing techniques for greater strength. • Kettlebells take so much control. Should I start on the machines? From mobility to stability…why to start with free weights…the most-excellent lesson of the balloon toss game…protecting your elbows. • Anti-isolation for power and safety Isolation as a key cause of injury in the gym…the muscle software of irradiation…maximizing tension with the secret of bracing …the grip experiment…what differentiates the great arm-wrestler from the good and the amateur…the pushup experiment…using Starling's law and the obtyazhka maneuver to get stronger in your press. • Build muscle where it counts • Think yourself strong The power of thought to make you harder…the Russian sports science concept of skill strength…the dating game iron-style: why's it all about lessons and practice…feelings of precise control. • Say no to fat and aerobics! Dr. Schwartz and the training effects of Panaerobic exercise…the fat loss power of the kettlebell explained. • Why doesn't From Russia with Tough Love offer diet advice? • The kettlebell snatch - safer and more foolproof than most Surprising discoveries about the safety of ballistic exercise. • Supercharge your heart and lungs without aerobics Dr. Len Schwartz on the powerful effects of combined exercise. • Treat your kettlebell practice as yoga Focusing on the mind, muscle, and breathing connection… dispensing with mindless, endless reps. • Strengthen and harden, don't build Molding hard obliques… the unexpected benefits of low reps. • Match your breath with the force Breathing for optimal performance under different circumstances. • Overtraining: Take a lemon and make lemonade When controlled overtraining or overreaching beats out total recovery training…warning signs to pay heed to…the logging analogy…building up your adaptation reserves for greater gains. THE HOWS • How to use this book • From Russia with Tough Love Basic Training: Weeks 1–4 • Learn the perfect squat form and unlock the power of your hips with the BOX SQUAT The importance of a correct squat and hip thrust…the properly performed standing vertical jump…the crucial distinction between a straight back and an upright back…tackling the box squat - to improve squatting depth, flexibility, technique, and power. • The Workouts: Weeks 1–4 • Box squats: SAMPLE 4-week workout • Stretch and strengthen your glutes and hamstrings with the GOOD MORNING STRETCH • Blast your glutes, hams, inner and outer thighs - and even abs! - with the ONE LEGGED DEADLIFT • Strengthen and harden your whole body and especially your obliques with the ONE ARM DEADLIFT • Firm and shrink your waist, boost your overall strength, and protect your back with the POWER BREATHING CRUNCH Why the conventional crunch is a waste of time and effort…how to avoid neck problems…the mechanism of reciprocal inhibition…the foolishness of high-rep ab training…how to perform Power Breathing for harder abs and a slimmer waist. • Body hardening for teaching tightness Controlled striking to generate stronger tension. • Learn a better contraction with a partner Improve your crunch with a little help from your friend. • Get better results in fewer reps with a hot new technique How to get a stronger workout in fewer reps with certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor Steve Maxwell's forced rep reduction technique. • From Russia with Tough Love ; Advanced Training: Weeks 5-8 • The Advanced Training Workouts: Weeks 5–8 • Get super flexible and work your hips and thighs even harder with the DECK SQUAT • Melt fat without the dishonor of doing aerobics and blast your hips and inner thighs with the SWING • Get ready to do a lot of cool drills with the CLEAN • Add power and definition to your hips, thighs, and even abs with the FRONT SQUAT • Strengthen and firm your arms and shoulders with the MILITARY PRESS • What if I want to work my pecs more? The unique kettlebell floor press. • A stable platform to push from Little-known secrets that help you grade-out higher on the press…how to optimize strength by manipulating the extensor reflex…why locking out your joints is A-Okay. • Safer and more effective high rep presses How to avoid mediocre presses and back injuries…when, how and why to be very "uptight" when you press…the cardio and fat-burning powers of the clean-and-press…why you want to squeeze your thighs together. • Strengthen your legs and open your shoulders with the OVERHEAD SQUAT • An advanced challenge ; Exercising blind for greater strength. • Mold a graceful and athletic body with the TURKISH GETUP • To work your abs more A masters' level situp - for those who can hack it. • Comrade Andrea's Tough Love Diet Plan • Comrade D.C. Maxwell's training regimen • Shed cellulite, get a hard butt, and enjoy the cardio workout of a lifetime with the SNATCH • Make your fat go into a nuclear meltdown! Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor Bill Cullen's evil routine for maximal fat loss. • Combination exercises How to concoct cool combination exercises that deliver an unbelievable muscular and cardiovascular workout in a very short period. • Just like yoga with the WINDMILL An unreal drill for a powerful and flexible waist, back, and hip. • Forge iron wrists and grip and firm up your waist with the BOTTOMS-UP CLEAN-AND-PRESS Working wonders on your grip, wrists and waist…to improve your striking power in martial arts, tennis and golf. • Get an even harder stomach and tie your upper and lower body into a strong unit with the ROLLING SITUP • Cut up your legs and burn calories with the DRAGON WALK An evil alternative to the lunge. • The infinity of kettlebell drills Additional kettlebell resources. • From Russia with Tough Love freestyle kettlebell training The tremendous versatility of KB's…using your judgment and listening to your body…caveat exerciser - why KB's are NOT for brainless, senseless sissies…warnings to take to heart and head…the first commandment of kettlebell training…fragmentation of the training volume for more effective strength adaptation…the secret power of multiple mini-sessions…why fresh and frequent rules…variation cycling for quicker progress…workout length… relative intensity…sets and reps…rest periods between sets and high motor density…using tempo changes to your advantage…exercise order…shuffling things up…when best to practice what…when to address a private weakness…circuit training and the phenomenon of fatigue specificity…interval circuit training…why smorgasbord can be the way to go…using the right-sized weight. • Another way to cycle your workouts • Two great alternatives to straight sets Interval training…the ladder, a Russian Special Forces favorite. COMRADES SPEAK OUT ON THE DRAGONDOOR.COM FORUM • The kettlebell advantage • Naming your kettlebells • Can I use a dumbbell instead? • The power of kettlebells • Protect your back with tight abs • Kettlebells deliver usable strength • Shrink your waist with Power Breathing • Excel at sports with kettlebells • Kettlebells raise hell at a health club • Simplify with kettlebells • A pleasant surprise • The magic of kettlebells of different weights • Squat deeper and safer • Fill out in all the right places • Burn fat without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics! • Try this fat burner if you dare! • Snatch and nothing but the snatch • Beyond aerobics • Russian yoga • The art of kettlebelling • Comrades saying goodbye to their glass backs • The bottoms-up press rocks! • Comrade D. C. reports on her freestyle KB workout • The no-hassle workout • The Party says: "Kettlebells rule!" • "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."
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