Russian Kettlebell Challenge - Tsatsouline P. - Book
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge - Tsatsouline P. - Book

Russian Kettlebell Challenge - Tsatsouline P. - Book

Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebells as their secret weapon for xtreme
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Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebells as their secret weapon for xtreme fitness. Thanks to the kettlebell'ss astonishing ability to turbocharge physical performance, these Soviet supermen creamed their opponents time-and-time-again, with inhuman displays of raw power and explosive strength. Now, former Spetznaz trainer, international fitness author and nationally ranked kettlebell lifter, Pavel Tsatsouline, delivers this secret Soviet weapon into your own hands. You NEVER have to be second best again! Here is the first-ever complete kettlebell training program for Western shock-attack athletes who refuse to be denied - and who'sd rather be dead than number two. * Get really, really nasty - with a commando'ss wiry strength, the explosive agility of a tiger and the stamina of aworld-class ironman * Own the single best conditioning tool for killer sports like kickboxing, wrestling, and football * Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat -- without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting * Kick your fighting system into warp speedlsaquowith high-rep snatches and clean-and-jerks * Develop steel tendons and ligaments -- with a whiplash power to match * Effortlessly absorb ballistic shocks -- and laugh as you shrug off the hardest hits your opponent can muster * Go ape on your enemies -- with gorilla shoulders and tree-swinging traps 1. THE HISTORY OF THE RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL - HOW AND WHY A LOW-TECH BALL OF IRON BECAME THE NATIONAL CHOICE FOR SUPER-TECH RESULTS - Vodka, pickle juice, kettlebell lifting, and other Russian pastimes The origins and nature of the giryahellip.the favorite toy of legendary Russian supermen - stories to get strong by. - lsquoThe working class sport's The first official kettlebell competitionhellip. Poods - an old Russian weight measurehellip.standard weights for Pavel earned his national ranking. - Finally: Xtreme all around fitness! Why Soviet science considers kettlebells to be one of the best tools for all around physical developmenthellip.Voropayev'ss studyhellip. Lesgaft Physical Culture Institute validates KB'ss for general strength, strength endurance, general endurance, work capacity and balance. - Kettlebells in the Red Army The Red Army catches onhellip. every Russian military unit equipped with K-bellshellip. KB'ss a favorite for the Russian Navyhellip.the perfect physical conditioning for military personnelhellip.the vital combination of strength and endurancehellip.Girevoy sport delivers unparalleled cardio benefitshellip.why Spetznaz personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and stamina to kettlebellshellip.Soviet armed forces manual declares kettlebell exercises to be quotone of the most effective means of strength developmentquot. Section Two 2. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS - HOW THE RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL CAN DRAMATICALLY ENHANCE YOUR CHOSEN ENDEAVOR - Kettlebells for combat sports Russian wrestlers do lion'ss share of conditioning with kettlebellshellip. ballistic drills have highly specific applications for wrestlinghellip. extreme cardio action is another reasonhellip. Why KB one arm snatches work better than Hindu squatshellip.KB'ss strengthen respiratory muscleshellip. Laputin'ss special breathing shrughellip.KB'ss for powerful wristshellip. boxers appreciate newfound ability to keep on punchinghellip.KB'ss reduce shoulder injurieshellip. develop the ability to absorb ballistic serious tendons and ligaments in wrists, elbows, shoulders, and back - with power to matchhellip.why kettlebell drills are better than plyometrics as a tool for developing powerhellip. KB'ss a better choice for most than barbell Olympic liftshellip.KB throwing for better punching powerhellip.KB'ss the tool of choice for rough sports. - Why Russian lifters train with kettlebells Famous Soviet weightlifters start Olympic careers with KB'sshellip. Olympic weightlifters add KB'ss for spectacular gains in shoulder and hip flexibilityhellip.excellent also for swings, laterals, rowing and throwing-related movementshellip.for developing quicknesshellip Rodionov'ss amazing drills for super leg-strengthhellip. the one-legged kettlebell front squathellip KB'ss a fine tool for overloadinghellip. working up to a kettlebell Sots presshellip. overhead kettlebell squats unmatchable in promoting hip and lower back flexibility for powerliftershellip incorporating KB'ss as complex traininghellip. Dr. Fred Hatfield'ss recommendationshellip. plugging KB'ss into Steve Wilson'ss radical deadlift routine. - Get huge with kettlebells - if you wish Why the girya is superior to the dumbbell or barbell, for arm and chest traininghellip the secret behind Pyotr Kryloff'ss massive pecshellip.why Giryas are superior for shoulder to gain muscle size doing KB JampJ'sshellip. repetition one arm snatches for bulking up your back, shoulders, and bicepshellip. incorporating KB'ss into drop sets - for greater mass and vascularityhellip. using KB'ss for extra pullup and dip resistance. - Kettlebells for arm-wrestlers World champion arm wrestler gives KB'ss two thumbs uphellip why the kettlebell is one of the best grip and forearm developers in existencehellip. Rodionov'ss KB drills for wrist and finger strength. - Getting younger and healthier with kettlebells The amazing health benefits of KB traininghellip.Doctor Krayevskiy'ss 20-year age-reversalhellip Vasiliy Kubanov'ss leap from disability to a national KB rankinghellip. successful rehabilitation of hopeless back injuries with kettlebellshellip. Valentin Dikul - from broken back to All Time Historic Deadlift of 460kg, thanks to KB'sshellip. why KB'ss can be highly beneficial for your joints. - How kettlebells melt fat and build a powerful heart - without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics Len Schwartz'ss research on the training benefits of Panaerobic