Combat Fitness For The Elite Female Martial Artist - Sprague M. - Book
  • Combat Fitness For The Elite Female Martial Artist - Sprague M. - Book

Combat Fitness For The Elite Female Martial Artist - Sprague M. - Book

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Combat Fitness teaches women how to toughen up and become effective martial artists and defenders of self and others. Although there are a few other martia
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Combat Fitness teaches women how to toughen up and become effective martial artists and defenders of self and others. Although there are a few other martial arts books written specifically for women, these books generally focus on a particular style of martial art and give the reader basic information on that art. Combat Fitness differs by focusing on how women can gain respect as martial artists in a male dominated environment. The book talks straight about the need to develop physical strength and toughness, and not just good technique, and focuses on principles that apply to a multitude of martial arts and self defense techniques. There is no other book on the market that covers these subjects. Many women study the martial arts for years and become black belts, while gaining a false sense of security about their capacities without understanding the need for physical strength, mental tenacity, aggressiveness, and intent. The martial arts have a two-fold agenda: To prepare you to participate in tournaments (or sports), and to prepare you to participate in real life scenarios. This split focus might be the prime element that distinguishes the martial artist from other sports participants, who are preparing to run a marathon, go to the Olympics, or win the hockey match, for example, but are not concerned with issues of life and death. Success in fighting depends on relative strength and skill, so saying that you should be 'sas good as you can be's is rather meaningless to the martial artist. The martial artist must be able to beat her opponent. This book goes beyond technique and teaches the more petite female how to gain an edge on a bigger or stronger opponent. Martina Sprague started in the martial arts in 1987, and has since then achieved black belts in Kenpo karate, kickboxing, and street freestyle. Combat Fitness is her sixth book on the martial arts. In addition to the martial arts books, she has written the scripts for and acted in two instructional DVDs on competition kickboxing. Her articles have been published in the major martial arts magazines. 1. MUSTER Arrival - Female problems - Line-up - Basics - Technique practice - Forms practice - Sparring - Review and home practice - Points to remember - Debriefing 2. PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND STAMINA The benefits and problems of size - Training the lower body - No cheat squat - Frog hop Squat thrust - Chase the rabbit, eat the dirt - Lower body combination exercise - Extra credit - Training the upper body - No cheat push up - Push up training tips - Inverted row - Dumbbell endurance punching - Pull up - Pull up pyramid progression schedule - Training the midsection and back - No cheat sit up - Mountain climbing - No rest leg raise - Skydive and ocean swim with fins - Cardio training - Running, sprints, and push ups - Running uphill - Jump rope - Instructor tips - Points to remember - Debriefing 3. HARD HITTING, STRONG GRIPPING Training with intent - The best technique - Choosing your fighting art - General impact training - Impact striking - Impact kicking - Impact blocking - The effect of movement - Hurt your opponent, not yourself - The realism of physical contact - Unpredictability and chaos - Close range - Working against weight - Takedowns - Getting up from the ground - Joint control holds - Grip strength - Pressure points - Visualization exercises - Points to remember - Debriefing 4. WINNING MATTERS The truth about fighting - The need for unarmed fighting skills - Being first First when grabbed - First when struck - First when taking balance - First in time - First mentally - Playing rough - Determination and mindset - The unpredictability of fighting - Never give up - Points to remember - Debriefing 5. PRESSING THE ATTACK Establishing dominance - Closing the distance - Controlling the 'sfighting pocket's - Relentless pursuit - Pressing for positioning - Pressing the long-range kicker - Pressing the grappler - Defensive pressing - Points to remember - Debriefing 6. FORCE AND SINGLE STRIKE DAMAGE What is force? Speed and power when kicking Straight power Kicking an opponent on the ground Weapon selection Target precision The palm strike Attacking the throat Eye gouging Attacking the groin Attacking the tailbone Attacking the head Head butting Leverage techniques joint locks Takedowns Grappling Points to remember Debriefing 7. FORCE ESCALATION Technique enhancement - Simple to complex - Primary and secondary techniques - Force escalation when standing - Force escalation when fallen - When a technique fails - Points to remember Debriefing 8. THE BODYWEIGHT CHALLENGE Points to consider when using body
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