Mastering The Rubber Guard - Bravo E. - Book
  • Mastering The Rubber Guard - Bravo E. - Book

Mastering The Rubber Guard - Bravo E. - Book

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Although Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has proven time and again to be the most effective form of groundfighting, the evolution of the sport is far from complete. Af
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Although Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has proven time and again to be the most effective form of groundfighting, the evolution of the sport is far from complete. After just nine years of training, world-renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner Eddie Bravo proved this with his victory over the Royler Gracie, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenomenon who had dedicated his entire life to the sport. Bravo became the only American to submit a member of the legendary Gracie family in jiu-jitsu competition not by following tradition, but rather by thinking outside the box and developing a revolutionary system of grappling designed specifically for the street, mixed martial arts competition, and no-gi tournaments. In 'sMastering the Rubber Guard's, Bravo reveals the techniques and strategy of the Rubber Guard, the core of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. He not only exposes dozens of unique submissions, escapes, and transitions from each of the control positions that make up the Rubber Guard, but he also teaches you how to move amongst the web of control positions like a spider. He lays out his elaborate half guard game, his butterfly guard game, and how to escape back to the guard. This book isn'st a compilation of random moves-it divulges a complete guard system where all the techniques tie together. Widely regarded as not only the most offensive, but also the most defensive, guard game in existence, the Rubber Guard will change the way you view and play jiu-jitsu. Eddie Bravo is the world-renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner who submitted the legendary Royler Gracie in the most prestigious jiu-jitsu competition in the world. The owner of Tenth Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Hollywood, California, he is also the author of 'sJiu-Jitsu Unleashed's. Acknowledgments • Foreword by Joe Rogan • Introduction • No-Gi Hypothetical Question • Finding the Right Guard • Gi Pants • How to Use This Book PART 1: STRETCHES GENERAL STRETCHES (Butterfly Stretch • Hamstring Stretch • Step Over Hip Stretch • Cross Legged Stretch • A Crazy Knee Stretch • Triangle Stretch • The Big Squeeze Stretch • Double amp Single Hip Stretch) BACK STRETCHES (Downward Dog to Cobra • Superman Stretch • Lower Back Stretch • Side/Back Stretch • Sit-up Back Stretch) CHILLIN's STRETCHES (Chill Back Knee Stretch • Heel Hook Stretch • The Blunt Stretch) PART 2: HALF GUARD HALF GUARD FUNDAMENTALS (The Lockdown • The Jaws of Life • The Whip Up) HALF GUARD SWEEPS (Old School • Electric Chair Sweep / Submission • Stoner Control • Stoner Control Variation • Stoner Control Arm Triangle • Stoner Control Calf Crank • Twist Back amp Plan B Combo • Half Guard to Closed Guard) DOGFIGHT SWEEPS (Transition to the Dogfight • Half and Half • Half and Half Variation • Plan B • Twist Back amp Plan B Combo • The Powder Keg) LIMP ARM TECHNIQUES (DPO to Side Control • DPO to Back • Drowning Wizard) FAILED DOUBLE UNDER-HOOKS (The Stomp • The Super Stomp • The New Stomp • The Godfather • The Godfather Sweep to Side Control) FORCING THE LOCKDOWN (The Stakeout • Butt Scoot Blast) PART 3: BUTTERFLY GUARD BUTTERFLY SWEEPS (Jean Jacques Sweep • Stick Shift • Jean Jacques 2) BUTTERFLY TRANSITIONS (Cocoon to X-Guard Sweep • Cocoon to Dogfight • Cocoon to Pyramid) PART 4: RUBBER GUARD BREAKING OPPONENT DOWN (Non-Stop • Breaking Opponent • Down Into Mission Control • Over/Under Hook • S-grip • Double Under-Hooks) GETTING HAND TO THE MAT (The Zombie • Night of the Living Dead • Exhumer) FAILED HAND TO THE MAT (Mission Control Mission Pump, Meat Hook to Triangle • Retard Control The Duda. The Crocodile • Crack Head Control The Pump) PYRAMID (Mission Control to Pyramid • Triangle (push hand out) • Triangle (push hand up) • Tepee • Go-Go Plata to Loco Plata • Inverted Arm Bar • Kung Fu Move to Jiu-Claw) NEW YORK (CAN'sT CLEAR THE HEAD) (East Coast Croc • Rescue Dog) CHILL DOG (New York to Chill Dog • Arm Bar • The Carni • Crowbar • Mad Dog Control) INVISIBLE COLLAR (Chill Dog to Invisible Collar • Invisible Collar Variation • Go-Go Plata to Loco Plata • Invisible Crock • Far Side Arm Bar • Swim Move • Kung Fu Move to Jiu-Claw) JIU-CLAW (Omaplata • The Ice Pick • Inverted Arm Bar • Arm Bar • Triangle • FM Ankle Lock (near leg) • FM Ankle Lock (far leg)) JIU-CLAW SWEEPS (DA • The Un-Winder • The Snitch • The Drowning Jiu) TROUBLESHOOTING THE RUBBER GUARD (Breaking Grips The Machete • Failed Break Down Transition To Dogfight • Dealing With The Stack The Stack Attack, The Drop Kick • Defending The Slam Cock Block, The Pump Off The Stack • Mma Tactics The Noogie Control, Crack Bows, Chill Bows) PART 5: SPIDER WEB The Arm Crush • Triangle Arm Bar • The Slide • X-Break • The Filho • Chamber Lock • Silverado PART 6: ESCAPES TO GUARD T-Rex ESCAPES TO HALF GUARD (Mount To Half Guard Escapes Escape From Alcatraz, Guantanamo, Hip Escape • Side Control To Half Guard Escapes 25 Cent, The Flo • North/South To Half Guard Escape The B. Smith • Back To Half Guard Escape The JJ Back Escape) ESCAPES TO BUTTERFLY GUARD (Mount Escape To Butterfly Guard Hip Push Escape, Shrimp Escape • Side Control Escape To Butterfly Guard The Jailbreak, The Jailbreak Variation, The Jailbreak (arm hook), The Tunnel) About The Authors
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