Mixed Martial Arts - Penn Bj - Krauss E. - Cordoza G. - Book
  • Mixed Martial Arts - Penn Bj - Krauss E. - Cordoza G. - Book

Mixed Martial Arts - Penn Bj - Krauss E. - Cordoza G. - Book

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BJ Penn - MMA Welterweight World Champion, MMA Lightweight World Champion, the only non-Brazilian to win the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships, the f
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BJ Penn - MMA Welterweight World Champion, MMA Lightweight World Champion, the only non-Brazilian to win the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships, the fighting phenomenon who choked out UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes in the first round - has defeated the best and proven to be one of the most technical fighters in the world today. In Mixed Martial Arts, Penn divulges his revolutionary system of fighting that teaches you how to mix striking with takedowns, ground and pound an opponent into submission, fight against the cage, and formulate strategies based upon your personal attributes. Whether you'sre a striker looking to improve upon your ground game, a grappler looking to improve upon your striking, a beginner starting out in the sport, or a seasoned MMA veteran, this book is for you. Nothing has been overlooked, and nothing has been left out. In Mixed Martial Arts, Penn gives all the details a true fighter (or trainee) needs. Not only does Penn cover all aspects of the MMA game, but he does it all step-step. The sections are color coded and tabbed and the book itself is physically of a high quality. BJ Penn is a former UFC Welterweight Champion and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. Erich Krauss is a professional Muay Thai kickboxer who has trained and competed in Thailand. He is the author of 17 books. Glen Cordoza is a professional MMA fighter and co-author of 6 books on martial arts. Due to the very large table of contents, it was shortened to the major paragraphs for ease of reading. In the book itself, each paragraph also contains named technique series, which are not mentioned here. Instead, you'sll find the amount of technique series shown. For example, the paragraph 'sStriking To The Double's contains 6 different named technique sequences. (double leg takedown - hook to double leg takedown - hook to fake shot to overhand - jab to double leg takedown - cross to double leg takedown - four punch combo to double leg takedown). This is expressed here as: Striking To The Double (6 dnts) INTRODUCTION Just Scrap - The Sport Of Mma - Circuit Training PART ONE THE STAND UP GAME 1. STANCE Stance Introduction - Standard Stance - Crouched Stance 2. STRIKING Striking Introduction - Jab - Cross - Hook - Overhand - Uppercut 3. STRIKING TO THE TAKEDOWN Striking To The Takedown Introduction - Striking To The Double (6 dnts) - Failed Double Leg Takedown (5 dnts) - Striking To The Single (4 dnts) 4. COUNTER ATTACKS Counter Attacks Introduction - Countering The Jab (3 dnts) - Countering The Cross (5 dnts) - Countering The Hook (4 dnts) - Countering Kicks (3 dnts) 5. COUNTERING THE TAKEDOWN Countering The Takedown Introduction - Basic Takedown Defense (5 dnts) - Sprawl Control (3 dnts) - Countering The Double Leg (3 dnts) - Countering The Single Leg (4 dnts) 6. THE CLINCH Clinch Introduction - Body Clinch (6 dnts) - Countering The Under Hooks (4 dnts) - Muay Thai Clinch (4 dnts) - Muay Thai Clinch Counters (3 dnts) - Dirty Boxing Clinch (4 dnts) 7. FIGHTING AGAINST THE CAGE Fighting Against The Cage Intro - Pressing Against The Cage (6 dnts) - Pinned Against The Cage (2 dnts) 8. STRIKING THE DOWNED GUARD Striking The Downed Guard Intro - Basic Stance - Stepping In - Controlling The Legs - Throwing Legs To Overhand - Ankle Lock Defense - Belly Stomp - Face Stomp - Punch To Pass - Punt Kick To Face - Kicking Under The Leg PART TWO THE GROUND GAME 9. FIGHTING FROM THE DOWNED GUARD Fighting From The Downed Guard Intro - Fghting From The Shell (9 dnts) - De La Riva Guard (6 dnts) - Goes Guard (3 dnts) 10. GUARD TOP Guard Top Introduction - Topguard 101 (3 dnts) - Striking From Guard Top (9 dnts) - Guard Top Defense (1 dnts) - Striking Past The Guard (6 dnts) 11. GUARD BOTTOM Guard Bottom Introduction - Sit Up Guards (9 dnts) - Standard Guard Tactics (8 dnts) - A Damn Good Guard (3 dnts) - Escaping The Cage (3 dnts) - Butterfly Guard Attacks (3 dnts) 12. HALF GUARD Half Guard Introduction - Striking From Half Guard Top (6 dnts) - Passing The Half Guard (2 dnts) - Halfguard 101 (1 dnts) - Half Guard Sweep Sequences (2 dnts) 13. SIDE CONTROL Side Control Introduction - Side Control Attacks (4 dnts) - Modified Side Control Attacks (3 dnts) - Side Control To Mount Trans (2 dnts) - Knee On Belly Attacks (1 dnts) - Basic Side Control Escapes (2 dnts) 14. MOUNT Mount Introduction - Stabilizing The Mount (4 dnts) - Striking To Submission (5 dnts) - Double Attack Mount (4 dnts) - Basic Mount Escapes (4 dnts) 15. THE BACK The Back Introduction - Turtle To Back Transitions (3 dnts) - Striking From The Turtle (1 dnts) - Back Control Submissions (3 dnts) - Back To Mount Transition (1 dnts) - Basic Turtle Escapes (2 dnts) - Escaping Back Control (2 dnts)
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