Complete Grappler - Hatmaker M. - DVD
  • Complete Grappler - Hatmaker M. - DVD

Complete Grappler - Hatmaker M. - DVD

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With 6 DVD'ss containing more than 10 hours of detailed instruction and a comprehensive 496 page workbook that presents comprehensive written instructio
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With 6 DVD'ss containing more than 10 hours of detailed instruction and a comprehensive 496 page workbook that presents comprehensive written instruction and step-step photos for every technique, 'sThe Complete Grappler's is a comprehensive multimedia course that hands you the most effective, must-have grappling techniques and skills on a silver platter. What do you really need to know to fight and win on the ground? Scientific wrestling authority and best-selling Paladin author Mark Hatmaker began searching for the answer more than 25 years ago. What he learned the hard way is now available to you in a remarkable new DVD + book production. The culmination of nearly three decades of painstaking research, documentation, organization and hard-core training and application, this extraordinary package contains everything you need to know to learn to wrestle effectively. Unlike the narrow-minded, style-focused grappling arts that are so popular today, Hatmaker drew his knowledge from the entire spectrum of the grappling arts. Then, through objective analysis and Western empiricism, he distilled it to 380-plus critical skills that form the foundation of true scientific wrestling. In the process, he rediscovered many of the 'slost's techniques of history'ss most famous and infamous wrestlers and incorporated them into this amazing program. The Complete Grappler presents every one of these moves in meticulous detail and demonstrates them step-step, at full speed, and in slow motion from all the camera angles you need to see to truly understand and learn. Hatmaker also organizes his instruction to present offensive techniques, counters to those techniques and finally 'sre-counters's to the counters. Through this scientific progression, you don'st just learn a collection of disjointed techniques you learn how to chain techniques into winning strategies and tactics that work on the mat and on the street. Best of all, the vast majority of the information in this course is entirely new and not included in Hatmaker'ss other best-selling DVD'ss. If you already own other Hatmaker titles, the material in this course will help you further integrate your skills into a comprehensive fighting system. If you don'st, this series will provide you with the scientific wrestling foundation you need and whet your appetite for Hatmaker'ss other takedown, submission, no-holds-barred, and street wrestling courses. Mark Hatmaker is a lifelong student of the martial arts, with more than 25 years of experience in Western boxing, wrestling and no-holds-barred fighting. Known as 'sthe Professor of Grappling,'s he is widely recognized for his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to combat training. DVD 1 + CHAPTER 1 BOOK Double Leg Takedowns (4 techn.) - Double Leg Takedown Counters (20 techn.) - Double Leg Takedown Re Counters (13 techn.) - Double Leg Counter Re Counters (2 techn.) - Single Leg Takedowns (2 techn.) - Single Leg Takedown Counters (4 techn.) - Single Leg Takedown Re Counters (3 techn.) DVD 2 + CHAPTER 2 BOOK Pummeling And Over-Under Takedowns (11 techn.) - Hip Lock Throw And Side Headlock Counters (4 techn.) - Low Single Leg Takedowns (4 techn.) - Low Single Leg Takedown Counters (1 techn.) - Arm Drags (5 techn.) - Arm Drag Counters (2 techn.) - Collar And Elbow Tie Up Offense (9 techn.) - Collar And Elbow Defense (4 techn.) - High Over And Under Tie Up (2 techn.) - Rear Body Lock Offense (11 techn.) - Rear Body Lock Counters (14 techn.) DVD 3 + CHAPTER 3 BOOK Rear Body Lock Re Counters (2 techn.) - Rear Body Lock And Chicken Wing (2 techn.) - Rear Body Lock And Chicken Wing Counter (1 techn.) - Short Offense (8 techn.) - Cross Body Leg Rides And Split Scissors 0ffense (8 techn.) - Cross Body Leg Ride Defense (3 techn.) - Cross Body Leg Ride Re Counters (1 techn.) - Overleg Ride Offense (2 techn.) - Overleg Ride Defense (2 techn.) - Random Breakdowns (15 techn.) - Random Breakdown Counters (7 techn.) - Rear/Inside Crotch Breakdowns (3 techn.) - Rear Crotch Counters (2 techn.) DVD 4 + CHAPTER 4 BOOK Scissors, Stretches And Scoops (5 techn.) - Scissors Ride Counters (3 techn.) - Chicken Wing Offense (7 techn.) - Chicken Wing Defense (4 techn.) - Ankle Ride Offense (5 techn.) - Ankle Ride Defense (2 techn.) - Navy Rides, Balinese Trips, And Scissors Cradles (5 techn.) - Half Nelson, Cross Body Ride, And Top Saddle Ride Offense (25 techn.) - Half Nelson Defense (9 techn.) - Half Nelson Re Counters (1 techn.) DVD 5 + CHAPTER 5 BOOK Far Nelson Offense (2 techn.) - Far Nelson Defense (3 techn.) - Three Quarter Nelson Offense (2 techn.) - Three Quarter Nelson Defense (3 techn.) - False Nelson Offense (1 techn.) - False Nelson Defense (2 techn.) - Near Bar Nelson (1 techn.) - Near Bar Nelson Defense (1 techn.) - Far Bar Nelson (1 techn.) - Quarter Nelson Offense (2 techn.) - Quarter Nelson Defense (3 techn.) - Reverse Nelsons, Full Nelsons, And Princeton Bar Offense (7 techn.) - Front Quarter Nelson (1 techn.) - Leg Nelson Offense (1 techn.) - Reverse Nelson Pin Offense (3 techn.) - Reverse Nelson Pin Defense (1 techn.) - Cradle Offense (7 techn.) - Cradle Defense (2 techn.) - Arm Ride Offense (14 techn.) - Arm Ride Defense (1 techn.) - Crab Ride Offense (4 techn.) - Crab Ride Defense (1 techn.) - Crooked Leg Scissors Offense (4 techn.) - Figure Four Leg Scissors Defense (1 techn.) - Switch Offense (3 techn.) DVD 6 + CHAPTER 6 BOOK Switch Defense (3 techn.) - Wings, Crawfish, And Stand Up Offense (7 techn.) - Wing And Crawfish Counters (3 techn.) - Sit Out And Stepover Offense (5 techn.) - Sit Out Counters (5 techn.) - Sit Out Re Counters (3 techn.) - Bottom Wristlock Offense (6 techn.) - Bottom Double Wristlock Counters (2 techn.) - Bottom Whizzer Offense (4 techn.) - Bottom Whizzer Counters (5 techn.) - Bottom Whizzer Re Counters (3 techn.) - Bottom Scissors Offense (11 techn.) - Top Scissors Offense (6 techn.) Nb. The DVD'ss are only sold as set together with the book. The DVD'ss are not available separately.
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