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Become a Better Martial Artist by Applying Lessons from the World’s Greatest Military Strategists from Sun Tzu to Von Clausewitz
“Lessons in the Art of War” investigates the theories and philosophies of the most prominent military thinkers in Asia and Europe and examines the combat roots of a variety of fighting styles from traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean martial arts to the fighting arts of the ancient Greeks and modern Israelis. It also demonstrates how the martial arts, whether Asian or Western in origin, were historically about brutal fighting, often to the death, and how ancient attitudes and beliefs can be adapted for success in today’s MMA steel cage, judo or karate tournament as they were in ancient armies.
Including an introduction to Asian and Western military thought, chapters include: The Nature and Conduct of CombatWhat is Combat?Preparing for BattleElements of Tactics and StrategyImposing Your WillDestroying the Enemy ForceStrength of the Defensive PositionFailureMoral Quality of CourageSecuring Victory


Contents Lesson in the art of War

Introduction to Asian and Western Military Thought
Chapter 1. The Nature and Conduct of Combat
Chapter 2. What is Combat?
Chapter 3. Preparing for Battle
Chapter 4. Elements of Tactics and Strategy
Chapter 5. Imposing Your Will
Chapter 6. Destroying the Enemy Force
Chapter 7. Strength of the Defensive Position
Chapter 8. Failure
Chapter 9. Moral Quality of Courage
Chapter 10. Securing Victory


Martin Sprague

Biographical Note:
Martina Sprague is the author of numerous books on the martial arts and military strategy, including “The Complete Martial Arts Student, Strength and Power Training for Martial Arts” and “Norse Warfare.” She holds a Masters in Military History from Norwich University and has over twenty years of experience in Asian and Western martial arts.


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