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Prasara is the Sanskrit term meaning “flow without thought.” Our natural state of peak experience (Samadhi) is one of relaxation, fluidity, and spontaneity beyond the influence of the ego and its fear-reactivity. In this book, Scott Sonno

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Prasara is the Sanskrit term meaning “flow without thought.” Our natural state of peak experience (Samadhi) is one of relaxation, fluidity, and spontaneity beyond the influence of the ego and its fear-reactivity. In this book, Scott Sonnon presents his unique approach for realizing the creative expression of the self. If Asana develops structural integrity, and Vinyasa links breathing, then Prasara allows flow to erupt within us. Prasara Yoga: Flow Without Thought includes instruction in various basic movements with progressions to these dynamic “Series A” flows: • Flock of Pigeons: hip opener, knee and ankle strengthener • Diving Dolphin: hams and lumbar release, shoulder and neck opener • Spider Monkey: chest, shoulder, arm, and upper-back strengthener • Forest: leg, glute, and core strengthener • Tumbleweed: hip flexor and psoas synergizer, neck relaxer and strengthener Prasara is a physical practice of releasing fear, anxiety, and trauma a practice that releases one’ss natural state of grace, one’ss natural flow. Unlock your innate flow and find physical, mental, and spiritual expression in motion! Explore and integrate your breath, structure, and movement to release tension, strengthen the body, and cultivate personal mastery with Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought. Scott Sonnon faced visual, physical, and mental disabilities from an early age on, which led teachers to believe he was unlikely to succeed at anything. But as Scott says, these “defects” were a blessing that allowed him to see, feel, and think about the world in a wonderfully unique way. Despite his disabilities, his trek across the world learning alternative methods of health improvement led him to become an international martial art champion, an award-winning author, and a globally acclaimed public speaker. His love for helping others improve their quality of movement, health, and life was born out of never being able to take for granted what came naturally to everyone else. Due to poor nutrition, conditioning, and aging, now children, seniors, and even athletes suffer pain similar to what Scott encountered and overcame. He designed his programs to prevent accelerating aging of joint and connective tissues, and to give others with similarly challenging genetics access to the physical and psychological mastery that can only be described as “flow.” Now known around the world as ‘The Flow Coach’s, he has become an inspiration to many people by his incredible story of triumph and his passionate dedication to helping others. Scott now leads the fight against the core issues behind childhood obesity and the accelerated aging leading to arthritis. To aid the “walking wounded” like himself, his courses can be found in every VA medical center, as well as health clubs and chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy clinics around the world. Introduction PART ONE 1. RESEARCH IMPETUS Where’ss the Mind? • Yoga That Isn’st Fixed • Zeno’ss Paradox: Infinite Digression and Movement Impossibility • The Arrow Paradox • No Abiding Place • Ongoing Evolution • Reclaiming the Personal Process 2. DEFINING PRASARA Prasara Yoga and the Spirit of Patanjali • Vinyasa: The Art of Breath • Prasara: The Art of Movement • Flow: The Eighth Limb of Yoga 3. FINDING A BALANCED PERSPECTIVE OF HATHA YOGA 4. DEFINING ASANA IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY Debunking the Stretching Myth • Flexibility Versus Elasticity • Stored Elastic Energy and Viscosity • The Stretch Reflex • Viscoelasticity: Flexibility Is Speed Specific • Health Risks of Static Stretching • Short-Range Stiffness • Plasticity Changes • Mobility – The Anti-aging Agent • Static Stretching Versus Asana • Balance and Proprioception • The Dysfunction of Mirrors 5. DEFINING BODY FLOW IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY 6. THE PROGRESSIVE DEGREES OF BODY FLOW Three Planes of Movement • Three Axes of Rotation • Six Degrees of Freedom • Pain-Free Mobility: What Causes Pain? • Joint Nutrition • Resolving Swelling • Rehabilitation • Chronic Pain Creates Fear-Reactivity • Dynamic Mobility Training 7. DEFINING BOUND FLOW IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY 8. THE PROGRESSIVE STAGES OF BOUND FLOW 9. THE SITE IS NOT THE SOURCE 10. COMPENSATORY MOVEMENT We Are How and What We Move! • Not Moving Is a Form of Moving! 11. THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF THE BODY FLOW 12. GOOD VIBRATIONS 13. WHAT IS FEAR-REACTIVITY We Are Not Our Additions • The Physical-to-Emotional-to-Mental Process 14. ADAPTATION AND PROGRESSION OF FEAR-REACTIVITY Stress Arousal Scale 15. TOLERANCE AFFECTS HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND PERFORMANCE 16. THE STRESS AROUSAL SYNDROME 17. WHAT IS THE SIXTH SENSE 18. WHAT IS PROPRIOCEPTION 19. MENTAL BLUEPRINT AND SELF-IMAGE 20. THRESHOLD OF PAIN = THRESHOLD OF PERFORMANCE 21. INTUITIVE PRACTICE The Peripheral Nervous System • The Brain 22. INTUITIVE PRACTICE: GOING TO THE EDGE 23. CALISTHENICS VERSUS YOGA 24. CORE ACTIVATION INSIDE OUT Inner to Outer Unit Core Activation (What Is the Outer Unit? What Is the Inner Unit?) • Dangers of Fitness Core Training • The Firing Sequence of Inner to Outer Unit • Fitness Core Training Versus Core Activation • Like a String of Pearls 25. SYNCING BREATH Breath Mastery Scale • Depth of Breath • Relationship Between Depth and Effort 26. PERPETUAL FLOW Finding a Match • Hemming It Up • Adding a Patch • We Are Only in Transition from One Thing to the Next! . 27. FROM RECOVERY TO COORDINATION TO REFINEMENT 28. DEVELOPING PROPER FORM 29. CONCLUSION PART TWO • FOREST • SPIDER MONKEY • DIVING DOLPHIN • TUMBLEWEED • FLOCK OF PIGEONS • BIBLIOGRAPHY

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